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These prices are intended to be a guide only as every construction project is different. Call us if you have any questions on 07748 420933 or email

Turnaround: Small jobs 3-4 days, larger jobs max 7-10 days. We will confirm before we start.

All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Calculating Areas

Prices are based on the external area of your proposed development. The area is calculated by adding together the external areas of each floor.

  • For NEW BUILDS the area includes each floor of the main house and integral garages. Loft areas should also be included by measuring to the outside of loft walls. Out-buildings and detached garages will be priced separately – see their associated fee bands.


  • For EXTENSIONS the price includes associated works, i.e. immediately adjacent structural openings

Additional charges

  • Please note that your estimate files will be emailed to you at zero extra cost in Microsoft Word & Excel formats ready for you to print.

All prices quoted exclude VAT.

 *Estimate discounted when drawings are ordered

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