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How many property programmes do you see on television where developments are halfway through and the client’s budget has been blown. Then you must watch awkwardly as they scrape around for additional money to complete the work. Why is this always the case?

Clients appoint an Architect to do the design, an Engineer to complete all the structural calculations, Interior Designers to pick the wallpaper and furnishings, Audio Visual Consultants to install sound systems TVs and IT infrastructure, but they miss the fundamental professional (an experienced Quantity Surveyor / Estimator) and pull together budgets for their dream development on website research and builders budget advice.

Why would you not put the costs at the forefront of your mind from day one? We believe you can never go over budget when your budget is right from the start.

The most successful projects are built by people who have the foresight to put the financial budget at the top of the priority list throughout every stage of the project. It must also be noted here that the money you spend on your project does not necessarily add that same value back to the property price. We will ensure that you do not spend more than the ceiling price on your street.

The importance of a good Quantity Surveyor / Estimator who understands the detail of building on any size and type of project cannot be ignored. If you want that dream kitchen or bathroom go for it, we can value engineer other areas of the build and still come in under budget.

Money worries always rank highly on the top ten things that cause stress in life. Don’t let your building cost planning get you stressed let us take this burden from you and make the journey as smooth as possible.

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